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HX-9: The Urban Beast!
Powerful 500W/850W Peak, WIDE Tire
55 Mile Long Range Electric Scooter

Experience the ultimate urban adventure with the HX-9 Urban Beast Wide Tire Scooter. This powerful foldable scooter boasts a standard 500 Watts motor with a peak performance of 850W, offering an impressive range of up to 55 miles on a single charge and unmatched climbing ability. With a removable battery for extended journeys, it accommodates riders up to 330 lbs. Featuring dual disc brakes, auto-sensing LED lights, a smart display, and wide tires, it combines safety and style. Its 48.5-inch handlebar ensures effortless steering, while a 7.2-inch wide standing platform with 4.7 inches of high ground clearance guarantees a smooth ride. The HX-9’s 8-degree steering post incline provides stability for confident city cruising. Few folding scooters for adults can compete with the power, design, and quality of the HX9 electric scooter.

  • Powerful 500W motor with peak 850W performance
  • Incredible range of up to 55 miles on a single charge
  • Enhanced climbing ability for conquering city hills
  • Removable battery design for extended journeys
  • Robust 330 lbs load capacity for riders of all sizes
  • Premium features include dual disc brakes, auto-sensing LED lights, and a smart display
  • Spacious 48.5-inch handlebar for effortless steering, wide 7.2-inch standing platform, and 4.7 inches of ground clearance for a smooth, stable ride

HX-9: The SUV of scooters!

Unlock Longer Commutes and Leave Charging Worries Behind:The HX-9  Your Ticket to Extended Journeys!

– Explore up to 55 miles / 88 km on a single charge. 

– Cruise at speeds of 25 mph / 40 kph on this electric scooter.

_ Experience the power of an 850W Peak Output, 36V Motor.


  • Benefit from the energy recovery system that extends your riding range.
  • Enjoy the peace of mind with six smart protections ensuring safety and prolonging battery life.

The HX-9: Your Ultimate Versatile EV. Upgrade Your Ride Today

Wide Tires

  • Equipped with 10-inch Vacuum Fat Tires (10in * 2.7-6.5) for a superior ride.
  • Crafted through a single die casting molding process, fortified with heat-treated, robust magnesium alloy.

Experience the Future of City Commuting:

  • Setting new standards with a minimalist design, no exposed cables.

It’s not just an electric scooter; it’s a revolution in urban mobility. Get ready to redefine your ride.

Complete Control Breaking

Crafted for Unwavering Quality and Peak Performance.

Experience the Best:

  • Dual Disc Brakes for confident stopping power.
  • Equipped with Headlight & Brake Light for enhanced safety.

With the HX-9 Scooter, joy meets safety. Your trusted companion on the road.


  • Fast acceleration and torque to tackle city slopes with ease.
  • HX-9 delivers peak power up to 850W, max speed up to 25MPH / 40KMH, and 25% hill grade climbing ability.


  • Max range up 55 MILES.
  • Just 8 HOURS fast charging time.
  • Quick-swap battery for extended range.


  • Wider 10in * 2.7-6.5 vacuum inflatable tires offer shock absorption and enhanced stability.
  • Dual Disc Brakes (14cm)

HX-9 Features 

                 Excellent Engine Performance – Improved Controllers – Efficient Power – 25 MPH Top Speed

Rear wheel drive, , 36V 500W peak at 850W. HX-9 electric scooter will get you up long uphills easily.

Bigger HX-9 battery delivers a realistic 55 mile (90km) range, high efficiency 15.6Ah Li-ion.

Dual disc brakes with superior stopping power and bright LED lights make HX-9 a safe ride.

Smart LED displays speed and mileage, HX-9 allows for easy gear selection, and comes with cruise control via E Scooter P settings.

Dependable triple breaking system with quick response rear disk brake, E-ABS front break and foot brake.

HX-9’s extra wide wheels combine with dual spring suspension making for a comfortable and stable riding experience.

HX-9 is the combination of true aesthetics and technology, without any exposed wiring it is meticulously crafted and impeccably designed.

Rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance to its core components).

Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding, one-piece molding, lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable.

Seamless design and reinforced materials, the wide-wheel HX-9 is built to last.


  • 48.5 Inch/123 cm handlebar – Steer with Ease.
  • 7.2-inch wide standing platform with 4.7 in of high ground clearance
  • The steering post sits at an 8-degree incline, providing you with greater stability.


  • Integrated wiring means no exposed lines, preventing cables from corrosion, leakage, and damage.
  • Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy, one-piece molding, lightweight, durable.


  • Make your HX-9 electric scooter even faster by releasing the max speed setting. (25 mph)
  • Dual Braking with EBS delivers strong braking power in both dry and wet conditions.


  • RWD provides a better ride. It’s more effective at getting maximum traction on the ground by adding more stability and skid reduction.


  • Rating of IPX5/7 Waterproofing for the entire scooter body.

Enjoy The Thrill & Mobility

With Your HX9 Urban Beast!

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