brēz HX-9 Plus Powerful 500W/850W Peak, WIDE Tire 55 Mile Long Range Electric Scooter



The brēz HX9 Plus Wide Tire Scooter is the optimal foldable scooter for riders who are looking for greater range, higher top speed, and improved climbing ability, and with the unique HX9 removable battery design. Standard 500 Watts with peak 850W motor, 330 lbs load capacity and incredible up to 55 miles range. HX9 Plus Wide Tire Scooter has awesome power, larger battery, dual disc brakes, LED headlights and brake lights, smart display, and wide tires. There are few folding scooters for adults that can compete with the power, design and quality of the X9 electric scooter.
  • 48.5 Inch/123 cm Handlebar – Steer With Ease.
  • 7.2 Inch wide standing space with 4.7 in of high ground clearance
  • The neck sits at a 8 degree incline, providing you with greater stability.

brēz HX9 Electric Scooter Features

Powerful and Fast – Excellent engine performance, improved controllers provide efficient power for or up to 25 mph top speed. Hill Climbing Torque – Rear wheel drive scooter, HX9 Plus, 36V 500W peak at 850W; X9 electric scooter will get you up long uphills almost silently. Long Range – Large capacity X9 Scooter battery delivers a realistic 55 mile (90km) range, high efficiency 15.6Ah Li-ion. Safety Built-in – Dual disc brakes with superior stopping power and bright LED brake lights make X9 Scooter a safe ride. X9 has LED headlights for safety night driving. Intuitive Display – Smart LED displays speed and mileage, X9 Electric Scooter allows for easy gear selection and comes with cruise control via E Scooter P settings. Ultimate Control – Dependable triple breaking system with quick response rear disk brake, E-ABS front break and foot brake. Smooth Ride – X9 Scooter extra wide wheels combines with dual spring suspension make for a comfortable and stable riding experience. Wireless Bounded – Scooter X9 is the combination of real aesthetics and technology, without any exposed wires, meticulously crafted and impeccable. Water Resistant – Rating of IPX5 for the whole body (IPX7 water resistance to its core components). Well-Built Quality – Tough aluminum-magnesium alloy welding, one-die casting molding, lightweight frame, stable and durable, lightweight and portable. Heat Treatment Strong Magnesium Alloy. Thoroughly tested for riding, drop resistance, tire explosion, uphill and waterproof. Stylish and durable – Seamless design and reinforced materials, the wide wheel X9 Plus is built to last and will turn heads as you glide along your city. Overall Size: 43” x 17” x 47” Folding Size: 43” x 18” x 18” Net Weight: 42 lb (19 kg) Package: 44.5” x 6.5” x 19” What’s in the Box: brēz HX9 Electric Scooter, Scooter Battery (Installed), 1 Charger, Took kits, Manual
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