knēNest Leg & Knee Pillow Comfort for Side Sleepers, Alleviate Back Pain, Sciatica, Knee Support, Patent-Pending




10” Outer Diameter, 2” Inner Diameter, 5” Outer Height, 3” Inner Height


13 oz


Inner: High-density polyurethane memory foam, Outer: Plush polyester, washable

What's included
knēNest comes vacuum sealed with an informational and care sheet, handy pouch with a drawstring
knēNest comes vacuum sealed with an informational and care sheet, handy pouch with a drawstring
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2-Year Warranty Protection against defects.

Transform your sleep experience with the knēNest Leg & Knee Pillow

Explore the unparalleled support and comfort of knēNest, designed specifically for side sleepers. This leg and knee pillow for side sleepers offers exceptional support, aligning your spine and hips correctly to alleviate pain and eliminate pressure points, ensuring a restful and rejuvenating night’s sleep.

Pain Relief

Orthopedic designed knēNest leg and knee pillow alleviates back, hips knee and sciatic nerve discomfort

Proper Posture

Promotes ideal spinal and hip alignment, reducing pain and pressure

Better Sleep

Enhanced sleep quality contributes to improved health

Stress Relief

Aids in stress reduction, leading to better overall well-being

Orthopedic Innovation

Experience knēNest’s Orthopedic Innovation, featuring patent-pending features for unrivaled comfort, cushion support, cooling effect and fluid, natural motion during sleep.

Concave Design

Provides optimal leg and hip support, cradles and cushions the knees

Air Cooling Channels

Ensures optimal air circulation and cooling effect

Strategic Comfort Pads

5 evenly spaced peak cushioned areas enhances comfort and proper circulation

Totally Unique, Patent-Pending

Unlike traditional knee and leg pillows that simply have a channel for your legs, knēNest is uniquely designed to properly support the spine, inhibit the hips from rotating and creates an unparalleled suspension-like experience for your knees ensuring optimal comfort and support.

Increase Energy

Wake up well-rested, energized and ready to tackle the day. Let’s face it - better sleep = more energy, focus, and decreases stress. Discover knēNest’s transformative power for a healthier, more vibrant you!

Superior Quality, Easy Care

Keeping your knēNest clean is a breeze – just unzip, toss it in the wash, and dry on a low setting!